Why We Do not Practice on Moon Days

It has always been the tradition in Ashtanga Yoga to rest from āsana practice on new and full moon days.  Full and new moon days are observed as yoga holidays.

Practising Ashtanga Yoga daily will bring us closer to our true nature and full potential as human beings. In this process we will become more attuned with natural cycles. Observing the Moon phases is part of our development as yoga practitioners as our internal flow of energy is affected by them. Prāṇā is the essence of life.  It keeps us alive and feeds and supports the energetic sheath within us. This sheath is called prāṇāyāma kosha. The Full Moon corresponds to an upward flow of energy (Sthoola Prāṇā), in which we tend to feel less grounded and emotional. The New Moon corresponds to a downward flow of energy (Apāna) that makes us feel calm more grounded but also at times a bit heavier and dull. During Full and New Moon āsana should not be practiced. 

Moon Days 2019

Sunday 06th ● new moon
Monday 21st ○ full moon

Monday 04th ● new moon
Tuesday 19th ○ full moon

Wednesday 06th ● new moon
Thursday 21st ○ full moon

Friday 05th ● new moon
Friday 19th ○ full moon

Saturday 04th ● new moon
Saturday 18th ○ full moon

Monday 03rd ● new moon
Monday 17th ○ full moon

Tuesday 02nd ● new moon
Tuesday 16th ○ full moon

Thursday 01st ● new moon
Thursday 15th ○ full moon
Friday 30th ● new moon

Saturday 14th ○ full moon
Saturday 28th ● new moon

Sunday 13th ○ full moon
Monday 28th ● new moon

Tuesday 12th ○ full moon
Tuesday 26th ● new moon 

Thursday 12th ○ full moon
Thursday 26th ● new moon